olimpic Toy

april 17, 2012 Artbeat presents “olimpic Toy”, in limited series, by the artist Andrew Mania. Milan, Tortona Design Week, april 17-22, 2012

DC dentro CASA

december 5, 2011 Ideas for your home: “Design gold and white – Bucranio pot precious and unique , a work created by Sergio Fermariello, produced in limited series for Artbeat”


novembre 11 For the perfect Christmas table Artbeat presents the collection Vulcan Art by the artist Lello Esposito> http://luxrelax.com/arredamento/artbeat-presenta-la-vulcan-art-di-lello-esposito> luxrelax.com


october 5, 2011 “DOMINO Venice Biennale. Fuchsia ostriches, flamingos fluorescent, and even giraffes, camels and palm trees are figures that populate the exibition “Luci d’Artificio” by artist Gino Marotta. Presented in the context of the events of the Biennale, the event is sponsored by Artbeat “