Ermanno Giuda

Ermanno Giuda

Ermanno Guida / Aggregato di Porcellana / 2011 Edition

Ermanno Guida created for Artbeat a centerpiece of white porcelain and colored paste with bisque finish and a centerpiece in white with matte finish. Both pieced worked with a casting technique in the manner and with misture of the typical Royal Factory of Capodimonte (1740-1759) tecnique. The modern design blends well with tradition, to create original and exclusive items that follow the gestures of everyday life.


Architect, lecturer in Design at the Architecture Department of the University of Naples, Federico II. His professional, intellectual and experimental activities take form of historical-critical studies and monographic research. He also contributes to the design and production of goods, fittings and goods for his city, housing structures, restoration works, mounting of temporary events, art and history exhibitions. For long time he has been coordinating and leading intense research aimed at preserving and providing incentives for all those productive activities rich in artistic and historical values, tradition and handicraft skills; this research activity does not look for innovation for its own sake, but only if it stems from a projectual philosophy that derives from an inquiry into the contexts that are at the background of the concept of the object-work. This research has given rise to the WD Workshop Design in Morcone (Compasso d’Oro ADI, 20th Edition, section theoretial reseach and design studies, 2004), and to the SUMMER DESIGN WORKSHOP “Recuperare, riciclare, progettare: Dall’emergenza alle strategie progettuali per i materiali di cellulosa”. Wp Product Workshop Design – For domesticity and also Laboratori Inporcellane e Intrafila.