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What Kind of Art Do We Exhibit?

The modern art scene (either when we talk about the US, or globally speaking) is incredibly diverse…

But how do you define the genres of the modern art that ought to be showcased to avid art lovers?

In fact, we do not.

The truth is that our art gallery does exhibit absolutely all kinds of what can be considered a contemporary type of paintings, installations, etc…

What Kinds of Artists Do We Exhibit?

As we’ve mentioned before, the real reason as to why we do not pick and choose or in any other way categorize and favor any specific genre on the modern art scene is for the sake of diversity.

The same applies to artists.

In fact, over the course of a year we do host a range of personalized exhibits by the best modern artists, as a part of our events agenda.

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Jane K.

posted on TripAdvisor

Learning to paint was always one of my biggest dreams! But when I was working, I’ve never had enough time on my hands to accomplish that. Since recently I’ve retired, making this dream come true finally became an option for me!

Elias L.

posted on Yelp

For all my adult life I have been a devoted fan of the modern art scene… For me it meant that whenever a new exhibition was hosted in our city I must have been there. This is why I love this art gallery!

Sarah C.

posted on Forsquare

While living a few hundred miles away, I travel back and forth Virginia and Maryland, very often indeed. So each time I do that I always try to visit this museum, either on my own or bringing my friends and relatives in…