Gino Marotta

Gino Marotta

Gino Marotta / Natura Artificiale

Gino Marotta takes us to a crowded imaginary garden, to a new dimension made of fabulous colored icon: green Dromedaries, blue Giraffes, fuchsia Ostrichs, brown Rhinos, fluorescent Flamingos. Vivid Palms and colorful Halos, “Artificial Roses” and exotic flower bouquets: ‘methacrilates’ by Gino Marotta are not simple reproductions, but abstract reinterpretations of his classic works. For ARTBEAT only.

Known for his constant search for new materials and new techniques, Gino Marotta has made several large-scale works such as “Bosco Naturale-Artificiale”, 1967’s,“Artificial Eden” in methacrylate, the “Misura Naturale Cava” fiberglass and the recent “Luci colorate”.

Major exhibitions: Biennial of Sao Paulo (1967), Imaginary
Space Foligno (1967), Exhibition of Contemporary
Italian Art National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (1967),Tartaruga Rome (1968), Arte Povera + Azioni povere Amalfi (1968), 4 Artistes Italiens plus que Nature Musée des Arts Décoratifs du Louvre, Paris (1969), Amore Mio Montepulciano (1970), Vitality of Negative Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome (1970), Italy:The New Domestic Landscape MoMA New York (1972), Personall Quadriennalel of Rome (1972, 1986), Gino Marotta Anthological Rotonda di via Besana, Milan (1973), XV Triennale Milan (1973), Biennale Middleheim Antwerp (1973), Personall Venice Biennale (1984), World Expo in Seville (1992), Expo 2000 in Hanover (2001), Expo 2005 Aichi, Burri, artists and materials 1945-2004 on the Quirinal Stables in Rome (2004-2005), Italics/Palazzo Grassi, Venice (2008). Most recent Personal: Gino Marotta Gallery Pici Seoul (2004), The Colour of Light. Gino Marotta: an italian artist Taipei MOMA Gallery, Taiwan (2004), Environnements Galerie Italienne Paris (2006), Gino Marotta Natural-Artificial-Transparent: 1960 to 2006, David Gill Galleries London (2006), Natura e Artificio Scuola dei Mercanti during the 52nd Venice Biennale (2007), Naturale_artificiale University of Molise (2007), Gino Marotta Fifties Studio Visconti Milan (2007),
Transparent/Apparent, La Nuvola Rome (2008), Marotta amore amore Studio Visconti Milan (2009) and Gino Marotta at MACRO in Rome (2009), Gino Marotta L’incanto della Savana, La Nuvola, Rome (2010). Luci d’Artificio Caserma Cornoldi, Riva degli Shiavoni Venice (2011), 54th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale (2011). Gino Marotta RELAZIONI PERICOLOSE Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome (2012).

ph: Gino Marotta Exibition, David Gill Galleries London, 2006